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Created Player In Franchise
Follow the steps carefully..
1. Go to the customize screen and create a player.
2. Go to Fantasy 4 teams and hit the A button
Note: You will lose the season or franchise you are in so use another vmu.
3. Hit on four teams, press start on select teams and press start on setup names.
4. When asked yes or no, select Yes.
5. When the CPU starts to draft press Start.
6. When the CPU asks 'complete Draft?', press Yes, then Quit.
7. Go to Franchise mode and hit YES.
8. Set up your franchise then hit start.
9. Pick management then go to signings and your created player will be there.
10. Remove a player on your team, pick him up then go to depth chart and start him.
This is quite simple, I think I over explained!! try it out..

In the Version 2.0 Browser go to the Modem Int. area and simply replace AT&F with ATs28=56..

Add A Created Team In Season
Follow the steps below...
1. Go to Season and select Custom from the season options.
2. Click on a team that you Do Not want to play against.
This will take you to another screen and if you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see your team.
3. Now simply go to Team Select and click on your team.

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