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Looney Tunes: Space Race

Walkthroughs and Guides
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Select the Cheats option and enter the code you desire from the list below.
You will hear a sound to confirm that you have entered the correct code.

Effect .... Code
Unlock the Master code .... CHEESFISH
Unlock all racers .... CHAR
Unlock Porky Pig .... YAVARMINT
Unlock Marvin Martian .... REDWAGON
Unlock all tracks .... TRACK
Unlock ACME 2 track .... MAROON
Unlock Galactorama 1 track .... YOIKS
Unlock Galactorama 2 track .... DODGPARRY
Unlock Mars 2 track .... SCWEWBALL
Unlock Nebula track .... MRFUZZY
Unlock Off World 1 track .... DURNIDGIT
Unlock Off World 2 track .... PALOOKA
Unlock Wild West 1 track .... HOGGRAVY
Unlock Wild West 2 track .... MACKEREL
Unlock Mirrored tracks .... SAMRALPH
Unlock all ACME events .... 3LILBOPS
Unlock all challenges .... MOIDALIZE
Unlock Unlimited turbo .... DUCKAMUCK
Unlock No gags .... SUCCOTASH
Unlock all gallery items .... MICHIGANJ

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