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Jet Set Radio
Also Known as: Jet Grind Radio

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Play as D.J. K
Choose Pirahna and while she is dancing, press:
A, Y, X, X, B, Y

Play as Captain Onisima
Choose Tab and while he is dancing, press:
A, Y, X, X, B, Y


Love Shockers gang
Successfully complete all Shibuya-cho levels with a Jet rank.

Noise Tank gang
Successfully complete all Benten-cho levels with a Jet rank.

Poison Jam gang
Successfully complete all Kogane-cho levels with a Jet rank.

Successfully complete all the Grind City levels with a Jet rank.

Pots (the Dog)
First, unlock all the bonus characters (Noise Tanks, Poison Jam, Love Shockers, and Goji). After completing the game, play the "Monster of Kogane" level before "Benten Boogie". After completing those levels, a Noise Tank will challenge you after Chapter 2. Defeat the Noise Tank Challenge and you can play as Pots.

Submitted by: AJ

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