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4x4 Evolution

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START WITH $1,000,000
Requires a Dreamcast keyboard.
Use the keyboard in port D.
During play type the password below:
You will hear a sound to confirm.
Now type the password below:
You will hear a sound to confirm.
Exit the race and you will have $1,000, 000.



Look inside a Porta-Pot up on a hill on left between gates 5 and 6, next to the tents to get $653.

Restricted Area
Go straight when you pass through gate 5.
After a little driving you will reach an aircraft hanger with a jet inside. In the corner of the hanger is a box of cash.

Salvage Wasteland
After gate 2, make the jump. Instead of making the right turn to gate 3, turn left.
You will enter another fenced in area with dirt mounds.
A box containing $2242 is in this area besides a mound of dirt.

Go to gate 6 -- it is easiest to do a 180 at the start line.
Go straight out over the tracks over the mountains and find the little town that is out a bit.

Between gate 6 and 7 is a fenced-in area that contains another box of cash.
There is an oil truck nearby.

Truck Stop 101
From the starting line, turn left off the track and drive straight until you reach a highway. Turn right, stay off the road about 40 yards, but just below the hill that runs along the highway.
There should be a big dip next to the road within a few hundred yards. Down in the lowest part of the dip is a box with $907. If you are just flying down the side of the road you will miss the box.

CRAZY 2000
On the last turn before finish line run, go straight into water. 
A box of money containing $1495 is under water by the back edge of the pond.

Farm Road
Go under the train trestle in the middle of the pond to find $1500.
Note: This works only one time.

Laguna Del Ray
Off on the right is a small island just offshore.
On top the island is a chest.

Silverton Pass
Just before you reach gate 7, stop in the water.
Turn left and stay in water. Keep to the left at the fork.
After this, there is a small rock jetty to your left.
In the small pool beside it is a box of money with a little over $1400.

Treasure Bay
When starting, go over to the beached tanker boat to the right, and drive around on the water side.
You can find another chest in the side hull, with $666.

Hidden money amounts
All hidden money amounts vary depending on how much the race is worth.

Quick money
Complete the city series for $32,000. It is quick and the weather is clear on every race.

Submitted by Hal R

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