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Reasons why the page did not contain the info or title you needed:
(1) We try to add every game title we can find for each gaming system, including alternative titles and common misspellings. But if you came to the NO page from one of the A to Z menus because the game title you were looking for was not listed, then the reason could be one of the following:
(a) The game may have a different title in your country. We mainly list Euro, US and Japanese titles on this site but we do add other alternative titles when we find them.
(b) The game may have had a Japanese only release and although we do have a lot of popular Japanese titles listed we do not list them all.
(c) Although we are meticulous and usually accurate, we may have totally missed adding the title you were looking for. We check the menus on a regular basis to find all the titles we can and if we find information for the title you were looking for, it will be added soon.
(2) Although we try to add all the relevant information for a game we may have missed adding some of the cheats and hints. We will check and update the page as soon as humanly possible.
(3) Although we have cheats for the game listed, you may be looking for a particular cheat.. infinite lives for instance. If you have checked many sources and cannot find the cheat you require it may not be built into the game. If this is the case then you may want to consider cheating the game by using a cheat code device (gameshark, action replay etc.). Maybe you should consider buying one of these devices.. to check availability of Cheat Code Devices from one of our sponsors click here or check your own favourite online retailers or game store.

Tips: The title you are looking for may be listed under another name, so check other letters on the A to Z menu to find partial or similar names for the title you are looking for. Example: If you are looking for 'Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell' and the title is not listed on the 'T' menu then check the 'S' menu for Splinter Cell.
Always click on the 'Walkthroughs and Guides' link and check the info there for the cheats and hints we may have missed..
You can also search for the title you were looking for by using our Lycos search at the top of this page..
You may also want to invest in a published strategy guide, click here to check availability from one of our sponsors or check you favourite online retailers or local game store.

We will look into this problem and fix it as soon as humanly possible.
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