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Tetris Evolution
Published by: THQ
Developed by: Mass Media
Genre: Puzzle
Number of Players: 1-4
Release Date: March 19, 2007 (US)

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Unlockable Achievements
Successfully complete the achievements below to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. 

A For Effort (50)Play 100 games (Single Player).
All about the Hamiltons (30)Score 100,000 points with Fill Rate set to High in Cascade.
Back to Back (15)Do two Tetrises or T-Spins (Single or Double) without clearing any lines in between in Marathon.
Back to Back and Back Again (25)Do three Tetrises or T-Spins (Single or Double) in a row (Back to Back to Back) playing Marathon.
Big Ol Cascade (50)Trigger 8 or more Cascade Line Clears with a single drop.
Cascade Bronze Medal (10)Score 100,000 points playing Cascade.
Cascade Gold Medal (25)Score 300,000 points playing Cascade.
Cascade Silver Medal (15)Score 200,000 points playing Cascade.
Dirty South Style Back to Back (75)Score 3 Tetrises in 3 drops playing Marathon.
Eraser Bronze Medal (10)Clear eight target lines in under 1:30 playing Eraser (Single Player).
Eraser Gold Medal (25)Clear eight target lines in under 1:00 playing Eraser (Single Player).
Eraser Silver Medal (15)Clear eight target lines in under 1:15 playing Eraser (Single Player).
Give Em Twenty (20)Send 20 lines in a Xbox Live game.
Go Low Bronze Medal (10)Get 30,000 points playing Go Low.
Go Low Gold Medal (25)Get 50,000 points playing Go Low.
Go Low Silver Medal (15)Get 40,000 points playing Go Low.
Hotline Bronze Medal (10)Get 25,000 points playing Hotline.
Hotline Gold Medal (25)Got 100,000 points playing Hotline.
Hotline Silver Medal (15)Got 50,000 points playing Hotline.
Live Playa (30)Win an Xbox Live game.
Ludicrous Speed (30)Clear a line on Level 15.
Marathon Bronze Medal (10)Get 200,000 points playing Marathon.
Marathon Gold Medal (25)Get 350,000 points playing Marathon.
Marathon Platinum Medal (75)Get 500,000 points on Marathon.
Marathon Silver Medal (15)Get 250,000 points playing Marathon.
Marathon Tin Medal (5)Get 100,000 points playing Marathon.
Old Skool Back to Back (50)Score 2 Tetrises in 2 drops playing Marathon.
Race Bronze Medal (10)Clear 40 lines in under 4:00 playing Race (Single Player).
Race Gold Medal (25)Clear 40 lines in under 2:00 playing Race (Single Player).
Race Silver Medal (15)Clear 40 lines in under 3:00 playing Race (Single Player).
Rollin On Spinnas (15)Pulled off the infamous T-Spin playing Marathon.
Score Bronze Medal (10)Get 25,000 points in under 10:00 playing Score (Single Player).
Score Gold Medal (25)Get 25,000 points in under 4:00 playing Score (Single Player).
Score Silver Medal (15)Got 25,000 points in under 7:30 playing Score (Single Player).
T-Spin Deluxe (30)Pull off a T-Spin 2-Line Clear playing Marathon.
Take it Off the Top (50)Clear line 20 of the Matrix.
Ultra Bronze Medal (10)Score 5,000 points playing 1 minute Ultra.
Ultra Gold Medal (25)Score 25,000 points playing 1 minute Ultra.
Ultra Silver Medal (15)Score 12,500 points playing 1 minute Ultra.
Went Low (50)Clear the Matrix completely playing Go Low.

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