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Rapala Tournament Fishing
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Activision
Genre: Fishing
Number of Players: 1-2
Release Date: April 10, 2007 (US), March 12, 2007 (Europe)

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Unlockable Achievements

Always Ready (25)Catch your first fish within the first 2 minutes of entering a new tournament fishing day.
American Tour (25)Finish the American Tour event.
Arcade Challenge Completion (50)Finish the Arcade Challenge game mode.
Bad Weather (20)Catch at least 40 fish while in bad weather.
Bass Champion (20)Catch 40 Bass.
Catfish Champion (20)Catch 40 Catfish.
Elite Tour (25)Finish the Elite Tour event.
Fish Master (25)Catch every fish in the game at least once.
Fishing Boat Expert (20)Use all boats at least once in a tournament event.
Fishing Line Expert (25)Catch at least 20 fish using every fishing line in the game.
Fishing Reel Expert (25)Catch at least 20 fish using every reel in the game.
Fishing Rod Expert (25)Catch at least 20 fish using every rod in the game.
Legends Series (25)Finish the Legends Tour event.
Lund Series (25)Finish the Lund Series event.
Lure Apprentice (25)Catch at least 10 Lake Sturgeon using a single lure type.
Lure Expert (25)Catch at least 30 Chain Pickerel using a single lure type.
Lure Master (75)Use each lure at least 10 times.
Lure Specialist (50)Catch at least 60 King Salmon using a single lure type.
Master of Deceivement (135)Finish the Tournament game mode with every character in the game at least once.
Perch Champion (20)Catch 40 Perch.
Quick Fishing (40)Catch your first 3 fish in a new tournament fishing day in less then 6 minutes.
Ranger Tour (25)Finish the Ranger Tour event.
Rapala Pro Tournament (25)Finish the Rapala Pro Tournament event.
Rapala Series (25)Finish the Rapala Series event.
Salmon King (20)Catch 20 King Salmon.
Shore Fishing Expert (20)Catch at least 15 different fish species casting only from the shores.
Time Challenge Completion (50)Finish the Time Challenge game mode.
Tournament Completion (50)Finish the Tournament game mode.
Tournament Master (40)Finish the Tournament game mode in first place (Gold Medal).
Trout Champion (20)Catch 40 Trout.

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