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Madden NFL 06
Alt. name(s): Madden NFL 2006

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Madden NFL 06
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Successfully complete the achievements below to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. There are 1,000 total possible points. 
Activate RS card: 10 points
Complete 30 years of franchise mode: 400 points
Complete an offline game: 30 points
Enter the History Book: 10 points
Get four sacks in one game: 100 points
Get a first down: 20 points
Pass for 350 yards: 100 points
Rush for 200 yards: 100 points
Score a touchdown: 30 points
Win a franchise mode game: 100 points
Win the Super Bowl: 100 points

How to easily the Complete 30 years of franchise mode achievement:
Use the following trick to complete 30 years of franchise mode easily. First, start a new franchise. When asked to pick your team to play the franchise with, choose all of them. After that, start your franchise but do not play any games. First, simulate pre-season. Then, simulate regular season and continue to do that until you have unlocked an achievement (about years 2033 or 2034) and get your 400 points.
How to get easy training camp points: When on offense, select an offense with three receivers. Trip Bunch in Single Back formation works very well. Put the defense on goal line Zone CB cover. By doing this, no one rushes your QB, and once your receiver gets past the zone, they are left unguarded in the endzone for a guaranteed 48 points per play almost all of the time. This should work with most short zone coverages and does not take many attempts to learn which receiver to pick, mostly anyone running a long slant. 
How to get an easy first round first pick: Get your team in first place at a good record at week 13 to 16. Try to get about twelve wins. Then, go to "Standings" in "Play Week" to learn which team is worst. Go to "Trade Player" and select your first round pick. Go to the worst team and select their first and second round picks. Next, go to the second worst team and trade your second, third and fourth picks for their first and fourth round pick. 
How to get easy sacks: Pause game play, then go to the settings. Go to the penalties, then turn off offsides. You will now be able to hold Run and never cross the line of scrimmage. Grab a linebacker and set a new record for sacks in a game.
How to get easy touchdowns: Take the best wide receiver on your team and put him in the tightend position. Audible his route so he does a fly (straight) route. Because he has such a low overall rating, they might just have a line backer on him or he might not even be covered. Throw it to him and he will easily be able to burn the defense.
How to easily blocked field goals and punts: When playing against the CPU and it is a punt or field goal situation, switch to the end player on defense. If the opposing punt team is in a regular punt formation, select punt block on defense. The offense will adjust to a protection formation. If not, this is easy. Before the last player makes his adjustment, he puts his hands on his knees. If you begin to charge at the kicker you should not get a penalty if timed correctly. You will get an extra jump on the kicker and should tackle him or block the punt or field goal.

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