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Game completion Bonuses:
Successfully complete story mode and all side missions (100% completion) to unlock Reed's armored horse and Magruder's Cannon Nock gun. This horse cannot be killed and if ever lost, it will return to the mine.
Story mode completion bonuses: Successfully complete story mode to unlock Magruder's seven barrel Nock gun. 
How to unlock the .69 Ferguson Rifle: To get this you need to defeat Hollister. 
How to unlock the Apache Shirt: To get this you need to successfully complete the Hunting missions. 
How to unlock the Cavalry Sword: To get this you need to defeat Reed.
How to unlock the Dual Peacemakers: To get these you need to defeat Hoodoo Brown. 
How to unlock the Silver Spurs: To get these you need to successfully complete the Pony Express missions. 

Successfully complete the achievements below to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. 
Ambush The Train Complete: Successfully complete the Ambush The Train level.
Battle At The Steamboat Complete: Successfully complete the Attack The Fort level.
Escape The Ambush Complete: Successfully complete the Escape The Ambush level.
Every Upgrade Collected: Collect all upgrades.
Every Weapon Collected: Collect all weapons.
Hollister's Fort Complete: Successfully complete the Hollister's Fort level.
Honest Tom Complete: Successfully complete the Honest Tom level.
Insane Difficulty Complete: Complete the game under the Insane difficulty setting.
Keeper Of The Peace: Successfully complete the Keep The Peace side mission.
Law And Order Complete: Successfully complete the Law And Order level.
Normal Difficulty Complete: Complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.
Professional Postman: Complete all Pony Express side missions.
Professional Prospector: Mine all gold ingots in the West.
Quick Killer Complete: Successfully complete the Quick Killer level.
Take Down Hoodoo Complete: Successfully complete the Take Down Hoodoo level.
The Hunt Complete: Successfully complete the Hunt level.

How to get easy money:
You can make more money on the bounty hunter side missions by capturing bounties alive. When you find a wanted poster that offers more money if you capture them alive and are having trouble doing so, use the following trick. Kill all gang members or bodyguards (if any). If the bounty is on a horse, kill the horse. Get close and melee attack. This will stun the fugitive and present an opportunity to grab them using LB. Then, press X to subdue the fugitive. This awards you more money for each bounty. If you press LB accidentally and release him, you can try to melee him and grab him again. However, if you do this too many times or if he has been shot, you may kill him and get less money. 
How to get easy poker game wins: When you are playing Texas Hold 'em inside the Alhambra, you can easily win with or without a good hand. Raise the bid to the maximum. This should make at least one to three players fold. You can then cheat to make your hand better, and if it is a worse card, forget about the cheat card and go back to your original hand. Afterwards, keep checking your hands until one of you wins. It should be you most of the time. Do not worry if you lose; the tournaments are free. 
How to defeat Hollister: Sneak up on Hollister and shoot him in the head. Then, run to the boat by Soapy and the Indian and hide behind the rudder. Face Soapy and the Indian. If done correctly, Hollister will not be able to shoot you before you shoot him. Hollister will try to walk around the boat to find you, and you can keep shooting him in the head every time he comes into view. Once shot, he will back off. After a few seconds he will try again, Keep shooting and you will defeat him easily.
How to defeat Reed: This is very difficult at first. Before you start the mission, go back to Empire City and Dodge City and get as many weapon upgrades as possible. Do about 60 to 70 percent of the side missions beforehand. Use the upgrades for mostly the rifle and bow, and the health upgrade for your horse. Once you bring these stats up, go to the mission and defeat Hollister again. Then, defeat Magruder's riders. Once that is done, open the safe and Reed will show up. You will start behind a rock. Take out the newly acquired rifle obtained from Hollister, get on the horse to the left, and chase after him. Keep shooting him. It will take about three minutes to kill him. Do not lose sight of him, or his health will go up. 

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