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Bullet Witch
Published by: Atari
Developed by: Cavia
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1
Release Date: February 27, 2007 (US), March 7, 2007 (Europe), August 16, 2006 (Japan)

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Unlock Hell mode
Beat the game on Hard and then Chaos Mode to unlock this difficulty.

Unlockable Achievements

All Stages Cleared (140)Complete all the stages.
Chaos Difficulty Mode Cleared (250)Complete all the stages in Chaos mode.
Easy Difficulty Mode Cleared (50)Beat all stages in easy mode.
Full Power-Up Completed (150)Collect all the in-game power-up elements.
Hard Difficulty Mode Cleared (150)Beat all stages in hard mode.
Hell Difficulty Mode Cleared (1)All stages were beat in Hell mode.
Normal Difficulty Mode Cleared (100)Beat all stages in normal mode.
Stage 1 Cleared (10)Beat stage 1 in any difficulty.
Stage 2 Cleared (10)Beat stage 2 in any difficulty.
Stage 3 Cleared (10)Beat stage 3 in any difficulty.
Stage 4 Cleared (10)Beat stage 4 in any difficulty.
Stage 5 Cleared (10)Beat stage 5 in any difficulty.
Stage 6 Cleared (10)Beat stage 6 in any difficulty.
Total Play Time of 15 Hours (99)Game was played for over 15 hours.

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