Sega Master System
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

Keep track: Keep track of the last city you were in, just in case you have to back track in order to pick up the trail again.
Early conclusions: Certain clues refer to more than one country, so be careful not to jump to early conclusions. An extra clue is sometimes needed.
Perpetrator: You need both country clues and criminal clues to catch the perpetrator.
Chase to get a warrant: Do not wait too long in the chase to get a warrant. If you arrive in the last city and you do not have a warrant, the criminal will get away.
Knives and bullets: To avoid the knives and bullets, move to the opposite side of the screen when the criminal appears.
Capture Carmen: To capture Carmen, you need to take her lead and have her follow your moves.
Warrant: You will need the following information to get the warrant:
Sex: Female. Hobby: Tennis. Hair: Brown
Feature: Jewellery. Auto: Convertible
More cities: As you move up in rank, you will go through more cities.
Ace Detective: If you choose to be Ace Detective, you have to continually solve the cases until you get to Carmen.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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