Sega Master System

When the "Sega Master System" logo appears, press and hold Button 2 on Control Pad 1 until you prompt a screen that shows numbers one through four with the word "off" next to them. Change these numbers to get the following: 1. Ten Men 2. Prevents the loss of your arm. 3. Prevents the loss of power. 4. Slows the blinking of the weapon select. To exit, push Button 1 on Control Pad 2. This sequence will work for two players as well. TO GO

Destroy the Arm Carrier and capture the Arm Capsule (Bubble with a "?"). This will cause the seven alphabetical letters appearing on the upper half of the screen to flash in a sequential order. Select the letter "D", and when Hilun flies towards you (looks like a blue diamond), destroy them and this will enable you to go underground. To select a letter, when the letters are flashing, press Button 1 on Control Pad 1 when the "D" is highlighted.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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