Sega Master System
Super Tennis


For an Agassi-type serve, go to the bottom-corner of the baseline and hold down Button 1. This serve will only work on levels one and two, though.

To serve the ball "in" on easy levels, continuously press Button 1. On the harder levels, press Button 1 a few seconds after it is thrown. If you serve, and the computer runs up to the net, hit the ball deep, and run up to the net to smash his return. If the computer hits the ball short, and starts to run up to the net, get close to the net, and smash the ball. If he hits it deep, hit it back deep, otherwise he will smash it. On a smash, you can control where the ball goes. If you hit the ball late, it will go to the left. Hit the ball early, and it will go towards the right. Hit the ball in between there, and you will smash the ball straight. Never give up on the ball (expecially in the easy rounds). You should be able to get two swings at the ball. If you miss it the first time, run back to take another swing at it.

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