Sega Master System
Spy Vs Spy


Do you want to be able to see the airport door location during your game play? Or, do you want to only see it when you have collected all the items, and are heading for the airport? This choice can be made by pressing the START BUTTON, while on the Title Screen. This will bring up another screen listing:
1. Rounds
2. Computer Level
3. Hide Airport
If you want to see the airport, select No.

Approach the object you want the trap set at (Tables, chests, etc.), and press BUTTON 2. Take whatever may be hidden there. This will appear in the form of $ bag, as mentioned before. This does not apply to doorways. Keep facing the object you took the items from, or face the doorway. Press BUTTON 1, and an arrow will appear next to the bomb on the right. When the arrow is next to the trap you want, press BUTTON 2. The trap will appear in your Spy's hand. Press BUTTON 2 again, and you'll notice the object in your Spy's hand is now gone. Your trap is now set. Later, when you or your opponent touches the door, a large "?" mark will appear over the Spy's head, and the Spy will be killed. So Remember where you set your traps!

When you are selecting difficulty and number of players, choose the option so that the airport room can be found from the start. Find the airport room and seal it off with traps and wait in an adjoining room. Wait for the opponent to find all the goodies, then when he tries to come through the door, he'll be killed and you can go and get the lot and head for the airport.

Submitted by: AJ

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