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For a secret game of Pacman, with Spidey as the main man and Venom as the ghosts, start by playing a game in Nightmare mode. Now, when you're on Electro's level - and you've just collected the key, drop down the left side of the screen. You'll see a small Game Gear on your way down. Land on it and go back to Peter's room. You'll now have an option to start the hidden game.

Scale the Daily Bugle building and enter the open window. Use webs to ascend; remember that the reporters are trying to club Spidey.
Level 2: Progress thru the warehouse beating up every minion you come across. With the forklift, jump behind it and keep webbing it. Doctor Octopus: walk up and keep punching and hitting!
Level 3: The Lizard's key is hidden in a pit to the far right of the playing area.
Level 4: Flick the levers to stop the many electrical charges. Quickly progress to the next lever, or the charges will begin again. After beating Electro, you can get his key by webbing your way up thru the generator poles, instead of dodging around. the patterns for the electrical bursts remain the same, so it's possible to figure out when to web up to the next level.
Level 5: To defeat Sandman, stay near one of the fire hydrants and wait for him to approach.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and AJ

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