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Sega Master System
Also known as: Kujaku Ou (Japan)

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Use the Fudo Spell on the Eyes, until the screen stops. Then use the Fudo Spell on the three remaining eyes. Once they are destroyed, lightning bolts will come at you. Dodge them, until the screen fades.

Go right, and up the stairs. Kill the monster and get the Hammer. Go back down the stairs, and to the right, to the second door. Go in the door, and then go three doors to the right. Once on the other side, go right to the Destructible Blocks. Break the top four blocks to find the Leg Armor. Go left to find the Buddha. In his left hand, is the Trident. Go right, and up the stairs, to the second door. Go left, hit the top four blocks of the first set of Destructible Blocks, to find the Body Armor. Keep going left, to the first door. Fight the Ram, kill him, and then follow the passageway to the right. You'll come upon a set of three doors right next to each other, take the middle door. Go one door to the right. Continue to the right, and the stairs are the exit.

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