Sega Master System
The Ninja


The first screen in Level one has a round tree on the right portion of the screen. Kill the first Ninja you come upon. Then get as close as you can to the tree. Shoot the tree for about 15 minutes (the Genesis Arcade Power Stick helps greatly). Then go on to play the level. If you achieve 0% at the bottom right of your score screen, you'll receive 10 extra men and thousands of points. This is very difficult, so if it doesn't work, keep trying.

When you first enter the maze, go left. Make a right at the first passageway. Shoot and disappear a lot here, allow the bad guys to chase you. Be sure to watch your back. Stay along the right until you reach the first opening. Make a right between the middle pillars (there will be eight on both sides). Then get ready to fight the main boss.

Submitted by: B. Taylor

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