Sega Master System
Cloud Master


Round One: Mt. Gogzo The Phoenix: If possible, use the Three-Way Shot and aim for the beak.
Round Two: The Koh River Kappa: When fighting Kappa, aim for the red blinking spot on his head. Avoid the lightning bolts by continually moving up and down.
Round Three: The Great Wall The Giant Buddah: When fighting the Giant Buddah, aim for the red blinking dot above his sunglasses. Try to get as close to his face as you can, while moving back and forth.
Round Four: Mt. Tai The Dragon: If possible, use the Double Red Bullet and aim for the red spot on his head.
Round Five: The Buddah's Heaven Shogun: To defeat Shogun, shoot at the white blinking spot on his body.

Submitted by: Daniel Perry

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