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UFO Aftermath

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To enable cheat passwords, you must first find the "config.cfg" file in the game install directory, open it with Notepad and add the line below:
KEY "cheats" BOOL TRUE
Save the changes.
Now, start the game and press Shift + ~ to open the console window.
You can now enter one of the Passwords below to enable the Effect you require.
Note: In order to generate the config.cfg file, you must run, and *save* settings with the configuration tool. If not, this file won't exist.

Password .... Effect
godmode .... God Mode
quickvictory .... Win Mission
quickabsolutevictory .... Win Mission with Items
destroyobj .... Destroy Objects
visibility .... Show Visible Area
hitpoints .... Show Hit Points
allplans .... Show Paths
enemies .... Show Enemies
unitsahidden .... See Through Units
quicklose .... Lose Mission
canparalyse .... Remove Paralysing Effects
cancontrol .... Remove Mind Control
flare .... Flare Around Squad
scenemode .... Cycle Textures


The passwords below are to be entered while you are on the Global Strategic View.

Password .... Effect
ALLITEMS .... All Weapons
HIREUNIT .... Add New Member
FINISHRD .... Complete Research

Submitted by: Big 'H'

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