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Alt. name(s): FEAR, F.E.A.R

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During play, press the T key to activate the cheats, then type one of the Passwords below and press Enter to enable the Effect you require. 

Password .... Effect
god .... God mode.
health .... Get full health.
maphole .... Level skip.
tears .... All weapons, unlimited ammo.
kfa .... Weapons, full ammo, armor, health.
gear .... Health, boosted reflexes increased.
notarget .... Invisible.
pos .... Position mode.
poltergeist .... Ghost mode.
guns .... Get all weapons.
build display build version.
armor .... Get full armor.
ammo .... Get Ammo.
gimmegun nail gun .... Get the nailgun.
gimmegun remote charge .... Get the pipe bomb.
gimmegun pistol .... Get the pistol.
gimme .... Get game cheats.
gimmegun plasma weapon .... Get the plasma railgun.
gimmegun semi-auto rifle .... Get the semi-auto rifle.
gimmegun shotgun .... Get the shotgun.
gimmegun submachinegun .... Get the SMG.
gimmegun proximity .... Get the trip mine.
gimmegun assault rifle .... Get the assault rifle.
gimmegun cannon .... Get the cannon.
gimmegun dual pistols .... Get the dual pistols.
gimmegun frag grenade .... Get the frag grenade.
gimmegun missile launcher .... Get the missile launcher.
gimme .... Get game cheats.

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