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Wangan Midnight

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How to unlock the time trial mode: Insert your coin, and the screen will prompt you to step on the Accelerator to begin. Instead, step on the Brake to enter time trial mode. Select your desired sports car and step on the Accelerator. The licensing screen will appear, where you enter your initials. In time trial mode, players will be given a timer and must race to the next checkpoint in order to gain extra time on the clock. The advantage in time trial is that you do not need to worry about opponents challenging you.
Unlock the Celisor: Choose a new car, then highlight the Toyota. On the gears, go from sixth to fourth to third. The car will turn into the Celisor. Neons are available for this car and it is very fast.
Unlock the Nissan S30 (Devil Z Boss of TXR 2): When the in-game clock is between 2:00 am to 3:00 am, either shift up or down (one direction only). Keep shifting until the in-game clock turns red, and you will hear a sound. Insert your coin(s) and the first car that appears will be the Nissan Fairlady Z (fastest car in the game).
Unlock the RX-7: Choose a new car, then highlight the Mazda RX-7. On the gears, go from sixth to fourth to third. The car will turn into the old RX-7.

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