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Tekken Tag Tournament

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How to get alternate costumes:
Press RP or RK to select a fighter at the character selection screen for the Tekken 2 or Tekken 3 costume versions of some characters. Press Start or Tag to select the third costume of some characters. Press LP + LK for the alternate Tekken Tag Tournament costumes for some characters.
How to boost Alex: Choose Alex as your first fighter , then pick Devil as your second. Do not use Devil at all during the match. Alex will do double damage and have double defense. If you use Devil, Alex will become weaker then normal. This only works in this order and cannot be done with other fighters.
How to fight as Angel: Highlight Devil at the character selection screen and press Start.
How to fight as Mokujin/Tetsujin: Highlight Alex/Roger at the character selection screen and press Right to highlight an invisible selection.
How to fight as Tiger: Highlight Eddy Gordo at the character selection screen and press Start.
How to fight as gold Tetsujin: Win ten consecutive matches in versus mode as Tetsujin . Tetsujin will be gold starting on the next match.
How to start match with partner: Hold Tag and press Start immediately before the match starts.

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