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The King of Fighters NeoWave
KoF NeoWave, KoF Neo Wave

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How to unlock hidden fighters: Get the AWnet card and purchase one of the following characters on a machine. That character will now be unlocked on that machine without using the card again. Then, highlight the indicated person at the character selection screen and press Start to choose the hidden fighter: Kim: Highlight Jhun. Orochi Chris: Highlight Chris. Orochi Shermie: Highlight Shermie. Orochi Yashiro: Highlight Yashiro. Ramon: Highlight Maxima. Vanessa: Highlight Whip. Note: The following can only be done by an arcade operator. To unlock all characters on the AWnet card, enter the Bios, select "Configurations", the "System Settings", then and change the "Areas" option to "Others". Return to the "Configurations" screen then select "Game Settings", then "Password". screen under the game settings section. Enter CM09 VIWM 1AHC 56ZL as a password, then exit and reboot the machine. All hidden fighters except for Young Geese will be unlocked.

Submitted by: Coin-OP/GEEK

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