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Successfully complete the game.
Play again without turning the system off and you will have 28 P-wings.

At the end of level 1-3 before you go to the black screen you'll find a bunch of blocks in the air. Find the white one and hold DOWN. When you fall through, run to the end and press UP. Hurry! If you do this correctly you will be in a secret room. Open the chest to get a whistle with special powers!
In the miniature castle of world 1 get the P-Wing and keep flying. At the top you should go over a wall and stop moving. Press UP to reveal another whistle!
You can also get this whistle by using a racoon suit. First take out the bone turtle, then go to the far right, start to speed up using the b button. When you reach the left end (your flying power should be full) start flying upward until you enter the secret room containing the whistle.
The 3rd Secret Whistle is in World 2. Beat a Wandering Hammer Brother and you'll get a music box or a hammer. Use the hammer in the Top right area in the Desert (not the level) by the Pyramid it is all the way North of it. Use the hammer there. You'll find a Wandering Fire Brother with the whistle along with a Toad's House with a Frog Suit in it.

Go to the first T shaped pipes in world 1-2.
You need to have a tail so you can float in the air.
There will be little goombas coming out of the right end of the pipe.
Go on to the ground near where all the goombas are coming out.
Let three or four come out before you do anything.
Then jump on one of them so you bounce up into the air.
When you are coming down from that jump land on another one, and after you hit that land on another one.
Keep doing this so you never touch the ground.
Once you hit one goomba, you will want to flap your tail so that you will provide more time for more goombas to come from the pipe.
Once you have stomped on eight in a row, you will get a one-up for every kill on after that.

When you get to the desert level in Mario 3 you can find a secret anchor.
All you have to do is go to board 2-2.
To do this right you have to get all of the coins.
The only problem is that the last 4 or 5 are hard to get.
You have to have a tail and you hit the brick with the p-block in it.
Jump off of the flying log. Swim to the beginning of the water.
There should be another log waiting for you.
Be careful not to get hit the tail is very important!
Get on the log and ride to the p-block. Jump on it and all of the bricks will turn into coins.
Stay on the log until you come to the flying turkey thing.
Jump on it and you should have the boost you need to get the last few coins.
A white mushroom will appear on the first level in the desert.
In it is a chest with an anchor.
The anchor will keep the boat in place if you die while playing it.

Collect all of the coins, then finish the level. A white moving mushroom house should appear. In the house there will be a secret room with one treasure chest containing a P-wing.

To beat the second board of level 8 easily, just swim under the boats until you reach the end.

Shortcut to World Eight
To get to world Eight quickly. Make sure you at least have two whistles (3 if you want to be sure) Go to the World 4 warp and use the whistle. (Don't go in!) If you use it at the World 2 pipe you should go to the 2nd row. If so, go to the 7th pipe and use another whistle. You'll be at World 8.

World 3, Level 4
Go to the area where there is a pipe hanging from the top of the screen and two brown block on either side (but on the ground, of course). Kill any enemies you can (especially the flying goomba). Make sure you DON'T kill the (3) turtles you passed on your way there. Now go further to the right until the "guy in the sky" appears (the one that throws down porcupines) and make him follow you back to that pipe area. Go to the left and kill and grad a turtle shell and throw it between the two blocks on the ground so that it starts bouncing back and forth. Jump to safety on the two blocks in the air and watch the porcupines that are being thrown fall to their death (hit by the shell). After a few (8 or so) are killed, you will receive a FREE  LIFE for every one killed after that. The best part is you just have to stand there and watch.

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