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In the first level after all the pipes at the start, there is a life you can't see. There are a few trees. In between 2 of them, jump up to reveal a brick with a life in it.

On the Game Over screen, hold the A button.
Now, when the One Player/Two Player screen appears, press the Start button.

In levels 1-2 and 4-2, I have found warps. In 1-2, when you're in the dark place, before you go in the pipe at the end, there will be moving platforms. Go on the upwards ones and jump above the end pipe. Run along and there will be warps to worlds 2, 3 and 4.

In 4-2 there are 2 warps. To get to world 5, go on top and go to the end same as the 1-2 warp.

To do the other warp do this. A little way through the level there will be 3 mushroom guys. Go past them and jump the gap. If you jump up there will be invisible bricks. Go on them and there will be proper bricks. One of them will have a beanstalk in it. Climb the beanstalk and at the end there will be lots of coins. Go past them and find warps to worlds 6, 7 and 8.

Note: It would be easier to get to the last castle if you use this.

1-2 warp and the world 8 warp together and the other code mentioned on this page. You will also find the world 6, 7, 8 warp is easier when you're small.

Submitted by: B. Taylor and A. Taylor (AZe)

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