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Magic Darts

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Secret Alien Character...the easy way
Choose the alien and go to rename or code entry and enter "ABE"

Secret Alien Character...the hard way
When you are playing the game as the alien and you are doing well, a fly will start flying around the dart board. To get the secret alien character, you must wait until the fly lands on the dartboard, then you must successfully hit the fly with a dart. If done right, the secret alien character is yours!

Control Your Dart
Select the alien. When it is your turn, hold A the whole time you are picking your aim, hight, etc. If you keep holding A when your dart takes off, it will not move. You now have the freedom to move your dart anywhere you want.

Throw Dart Backwards
Select the monkey and start a game. Before it is your turn, press and hold LEFT until it is your turn. The monkey will be facing the wrong way and will throw the dart backwards. It's pointless, but different.

Submitted by: Tom V and AJ

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