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After beating the boss, use your last Mike to hit a bonus plunger or a star rod piece.

To unlock the Sound Test option, beat the extra game.

Final Level Secret
At the Last level (7-6) before going into the final door, press up and fly up to the moon and go under it. There will be a secret door there. Then just fall with the full life and one up. There will be the final secret room.

Five 1-ups
In Rainbow Resort, level 2, jump or fly up to the ledge above the entrance door.
Stand directly over the door, then fly up.
You will enter a secret, hidden door.
You skip the first three mini-bosses, and after beating the last one (fireball lion), you will enter a secret room with five 1-ups.
Enter the door to your right to end the level.

Warp In Grape Gardens Level 4
Go to Grape Gardens: Door 6.
Beat the Mike guy.
Do not inhale him.
If you go to the next room, inhale the first light person you see.
Turn around a little bit and you will see a door.
Go in the door.
You will see a button.
Press it to make a warp appear in Grape Gardens.

Submitted by: AJ and B. Taylor

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