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Free Elixers
After you defeat the Death Wizard, return to Argas Castle. Switch your White Mage to the front and open the locked doors. In one of the doors is aanother White Mage: Talk to him to get elixirs.

Sneaky Thieves
If you have a Thief in your party, switch him to the visible character. He can open doors that ordinarily would require a magic key.

The Secret of Alter Cave
After you beat the giant turtle, change your party's jobs and enter the cave again after leaving to get more treasure. Inside is your first spell and several good weapons. There are a few spots in the cave that obviously look like dead ends, but are actually fake walls filled with treasures.

Generous Cid
There is a very tricky way to get some nice items from Cid, but it will cost you the Elixir you find in Canaan. Use the Elixir to cure Sarina when the time comes instead of something cheap. Cid will then let you press a switch that opens their basement. Search around for a bow, magic, and other neat stuff. Definitly go here before buying ANYTHING.

Mithril Mine Treasure
Doesn't the mine in Kazus seem awfully suspicious? Well, you're right for thinking that. With Cid tagging along, switch the visible character to the FIGHTER, and have him search the dead end. About 5 steps back from the end, he will trip a hidden switch, and open a secret door. You should find 2 Mithril Swords.

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