Sega Genesis and Mega Drive
Genesis is the US name for the console and MegaDrive the Euro name..
Shaq Fu

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Enter the music test option screen.
Enter one of the following numbers to play as the corresponding character.
Now, on the Options Screen, quickly press:
Up, Down, B, Left, Right, B
The screen will flash to confirm.
Select story mode to play as the selected character.
Shaq will still appear during the intermission sequences. 

Number .... Player
1 .... Mephis
2 .... Sett
3 .... Nezu
4 .... Kaori
5 .... Beast
6 .... Auroch
7 .... Voodoo
8 .... Colonel
9 .... Diesel
10 .... Leotsu
11 .... Rajah
12 .... Shaq

On the Options Screen, quickly press:
A, B, C, C, B, A.
The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry.

Fight Beast in story mode
Walk down the stairs at the bottom right corner of the first island and press Start.

Submitted by: AJ and Aziz K

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*Please note: In the US and some other regions this system is known as the Sega Genesis. In other regions, including Japan and Europe, the console is known as the Sega Mega Drive.