Sega Genesis and Mega Drive
Genesis is the US name for the console and MegaDrive the Euro name..
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All the simulations must be won before the cheat functions can be activated.
After this has been accomplished, enter the following controller actions after the Sega screen appears.
Note: Code entry must be completed before the Acclaim screen is displayed.

Effect .... Code
NFC/AFC mode .... Press A, B, A, B, A, B.
Easy fumbles .... Press C, A, B, C, A, B.
No fumbles .... Press B, A, B, A, B, A.
No play end .... Press B, A, Start, Start, Start, Start.
Up and over dives .... Press C, A, Start, Start, A, B.
Speed burst .... Press B, A, C, C, A, Start.
Rookie team .... Press Start, A, Down, A, Start, Start.
Slippery field .... Press A, A, A, A, A, A.
Iguana/Acclaim teams .... Press Down, A, Down, Down, A, Down.
Blackout mode .... Press Start, A, Down, Start, A Down.
Grenade mode .... Press Down, Down, Start, Down, Down, Start.
Crazy ball mode .... Press Down, Start, C, A, B, Down.
Stealth mode .... Press Start, Start, B, Start, Start, B.
Power team .... Press B, A, Down, A, Start, Start.

Submitted by: AzulaBeam

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*Please note: In the US and some other regions this system is known as the Sega Genesis. In other regions, including Japan and Europe, the console is known as the Sega Mega Drive.