Sega Genesis and Mega Drive
Genesis is the US name for the console and MegaDrive the Euro name..
NBA Live 96

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This cheat will unlock the Golf mini-game:
Select exhibition mode.
Highlight any team at the player setup screen and press Up until the Start New option appears.
Press Start and enter REFLOG as a name.
Press Start again to start the mini-game.

Select exhibition mode, then choose the 29th ranked team.
Hold Start and press B 12 times before the game begins.

Enter the following names on the player creation screen.
The corresponding player statistics will appear.

Hall of Famers:
Julius Erving
Rick Barry
Jerry West
Pete Maravich
Elgin Baylor
Walt Frazier
Bill Russell
Bob Cousy
Calvin Murphy
Wilt Chamberlain
Dave Cowens
George Mikan
Elvin Hayes
Nate Thurmond
Bill Walton
Oscar Robertson
George Gervin
Nate Archibald
John Havlicek
David Thompson

Larry Bird
Kevin McHale
Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson
Isiah Thomas
Charles Barkley
James Worthy
Bill Laimbeer 

Development team:
Mike Kiernan
Brian Krause
Ken Thurston
Gary Shaw
Amory Wong
Stanley Chow 

Jerry Stackhouse
Greg Ostertag
Cuonzo Martin
Antonio McDyess
Lou Roe
Chris Carr
Kevin Garnett
Dragan Tarlac
Don Reid
Cherokee Parks
Terrence Rencher
Joe Smith
Junior Burrough
Rasheed Wallace
Andrew DeClercq
Corey Alexander
Bryant Reeves
Jimmy King
Dejan Bodiroga
Damon Stoudamire
Lawrence Moten
George Banks
Shawn Respert
Frankie King
Tyus Edney
Ed O'Bannon
Rashard Griffith
Mark Davis
Kurt Thomas
Donny Marshall
Jerome Allen
Gary Trent
Dwayne Whitfield
Martin Lewis
Eric Williams
Erik Meek
Fred Hoiberg
Brent Barry
Donny Boyce
Constantin Popa
Alan Henederson
Eric Snow
Cuonzo Martin
Bob Sura
Anthony Pelle
Jason Caffey
Theo Ratliff
Troy Brown
Michael Finley
George Zidek
Loren Meyer
Sherell Ford
Travis Best
David Vaughn
Mario Bennett

Submitted by: Jeremy Bishop

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*Please note: In the US and some other regions this system is known as the Sega Genesis. In other regions, including Japan and Europe, the console is known as the Sega Mega Drive.