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Mickey Mouse: World of Illusion

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With this cheat, Mickey will fly through the air and pass through walls, opponents, and items.
Hold A + B + C and press Start.
You can repeat this to return to normal mode.

Press Start at the end of a level, while the score is calculated.

Keep swinging on the vines in Stage 1 of Level 1 to collect easy points and up to ten extra lives. Mickey is invincible while he is on a vine.


Level 1-1: Jump down from the second angled ledge and move underground. Pass through the false wall on the first passage to the left. There is a group of bonus items at the end of the passage.
Level 1-2: Move to the cliff by the fourth rope and drop off the left side while pressing Right. Mickey will obtain ten apples.
Level 1-4: Jump into the hole near the fifth tree and walk to the left through the rocks. Locate the room with a room with an extra life and two stars.
Level 3-1: Look for the identical secret passage to that from Level 1-1 just before going underground.
Level 4-3: Jump into the tea cups for power-ups, but stay away from the sugar cubes.

Locate the bag of marbles at the end of Stage 2 in the Toyland level.
Take the bag and move to the right until the original location of the bag scrolls off screen.
Move back to the left to find another bag in the same location.
Take this bag and repeat the process to collect up to 30,000 points and 30 bags of marbles.

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*Please note: In the US and some other regions this system is known as the Sega Genesis. In other regions, including Japan and Europe, the console is known as the Sega Mega Drive.