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Jewel Master

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The Fire Fairy is in Stage Three, Part Two.
Go right to defeat the jellyfish, then go up as far as you can.
Jump across the small platforms until you reach a hole.
Jump across the hole and you'll come to a frozen pillar.
The Fire Fairy is inside.
Break the pillar to release her.

To create the blade, put the Level Four Red and Blue Rings on your left hand, then put the Level Four Green and Gray rinds on your right hand.
Beating Jardine isn't easy, but it is possible: Use your sword to hit him as many times as you can before he changes into a skull.
While he's a skull he can't be hurt, so put the Speed Up Rings on one hand and the Barrier Ring on the other.
Keep out of his way until he changes back. Be careful, sometimes he charges at you when he changes.
If he does, put on the Double-Jump Rings and hop over him, then switch back to the blade and hit him.

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*Please note: In the US and some other regions this system is known as the Sega Genesis. In other regions, including Japan and Europe, the console is known as the Sega Mega Drive.