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 PC DOS Windows C Game Titles - titles with a link have links to either cheats guides or info
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  Chibusa Byoutou

  Chicago 1930

  Chicago 90

  Chichi Celeb

  Chichi Ninja

  Chichi wa Shock!!

  Chichijoku Hotodzuma Onna Gakuen

  Chichikan Nurse!

  Chichikuri Nurse 24-Toki

  Chicken Little

  Chicken Run

  Chicken Run FunPack

  Chicken Shoot

  Chigai Makin

  Chijoku Kaigishitsu

  Chijoku Kakeizu

  Chijoku no Gakuen

  Chijoku no Kankei

  Chijoku no Kankei 2

  Chijoku Shinsatsu Shitsu

  Chijoku Shinsatsu Shitsu (DVD)

  Chijoku Yuugi

  Chikan Kizoku

  Chikan Mono Thomas

  Chikan Mono Thomas II

  Chikan wa Hanzai!

  Chikan Yuugi

  Chikatetsu Fuusa Jiken

  Chikatetsu Fuusa Jiken (Limited Edition)

  Chikkyuu no Heiwa o Ma-morutame!! Vol. 1

  Chikkyuu no Heiwa o Ma-morutame!! Vol. 2

  Chikkyuu no Heiwa o Ma-morutame!! Vol. 3

  Chikkyuu no Heiwa o Ma-morutame!! Vol. 4

  China Chaime +

  Chinese Solitaire

  Chip's Challenge

  Chitai Kanshou

  Chocolat: Maid Cafe Curio


  Choir (Limited Edition)

  Chokoretto Days

  Chokotto Rhapsody

  Chomp! Chomp! Safari

  Chomper 3D

  Chotto Sunao ni Donburi Kanjou

  Chou no Yume

  Chou Subaru Tenshi Escalayer

  Chou Subaru Tenshi Escalayer (DVD)

  Choubatsu Yobikou

  Choukou Sentai Justice Blade

  Choukyou Dorei Ressha

  Chris Moneymaker's World Poker Championship

  Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

  Christmas Cube

  Christmas Present


  Chrome SpecForce

  Chrome: SpecForce

  Chron X

  Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk, The

  Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The

  Chronicles of Ny, The

  Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, The

  Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, The - Developer's Cut

  Chronicles of Spellborn, The

  Chronicles of the Sword

  Chrono Quest


  Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

  Chupa Chupa Drink


  Chuushaki 2

  Chuushaki 2 (Standard Edition)

  Chuzzle Deluxe

  Chu~Kana Janshi Tenno Painyon Special

  Chu~Kana Janshi Tenno Painyon Special (Limited Edition)

  CIA Operative: Solo Mission


  Circle of Blood

  Circuit Racer

  Circuit's Edge

  Citizen Zero

  City Life

  City of Heroes

  City of Heroes Collector's DVD Edition

  City of Lost Children, The

  City of Villains

  City of Villains Collector's Edition

  City Racer

  City Trader

  Civ II: Fantastic Worlds

  Civil War Generals 2: Grant, Lee, Sherman

  Civil War: War Between the States


  Civilization & XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter

  Civilization II

  Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition

  Civilization II Scenarios: Conflicts in Civilization

  Civilization II: Test of Time

  Civilization III

  Civilization III Collectors Edition

  Civilization III GOTY edition

  Civilization III: Conquests

  Civilization III: Gold Edition

  Civilization III: Play the World

  Civilization IV

  Civilization IV Special Edition

  Civilization's Dawn

  Civilization: Call to Power

  Civilization: Call to Power II





  Clannad (Regular Edition)


  Clash N Slash





  Clever & Smart - A Movie Adventure

  Clive Barker's Undying


  Close 2 U: Saigo no Natsuyasumi

  Close Combat

  Close Combat II: A Bridge Too Far

  Close Combat III: The Russian Front

  Close Combat: Battle of the Bulge

  Close Combat: First to Fight

  Close Combat: Invasion Normandy

  Close Combat: Overlord

  Close Combat: Red Phoenix

  Close Up!

  Cloven Crania Meadow

  Clover Hearts

  Clover Hearts (DVD)

  Clover Hearts Append Disc Toy Tsumechaimashita

  Clover Hearts: Looking for Happiness

  Club Football 2005: Ajax

  Club Football 2005: AC Milan

  Club Football 2005: Arsenal

  Club Football 2005: Aston Villa FC

  Club Football 2005: Birmingham City

  Club Football 2005: Borussia Dortmund

  Club Football 2005: Celtic FC

  Club Football 2005: Chelsea FC

  Club Football 2005: FC Barcelona

  Club Football 2005: FC Bayern Munich

  Club Football 2005: FC Internazionale

  Club Football 2005: Hamburger SV

  Club Football 2005: Juventus

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