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Grand Theft Auto 2
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto 2, GTA, GTA2, GTA 2, The Second GTA
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Enter GOURANGA as a name and the cheat mode will be enable cheat mode. You can now enter one of the Names below (before starting a level), to enable the Effect you require.
Please note: Some of the codes may only work on the North American version of GTA 2, while others may only work in the European version of GTA 2.

Effect .... Name
Get Elvis clan people .... LASVEGAS
Get $200,000 .... DANISGOD
Get $500,000 .... MUCHCASH
Get $500,000 .... COOLBOY
Get $9,999,999 .... IAMDAVEJ
Get 10 million points .... BIGSCORE
Get 10x multiplier .... SEGARULZ
Get 5x multiplier .... HIGHFIVE
Get 99 lives .... CUTIE1
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All bonus Levels .... TUMYFROG
All levels, weapons, God mode .... IAMASUCKER
All three cities .... BEMEALL
All three cities .... UKGAMER
All weapons .... FORALLGT
All weapons .... NAVARONE
All weapons .... BLASTBOY
All weapons with full ammo .... GODOFGTA
Debug basic scripts .... NO FRILLS
Default weapons and ammo .... DAVEMOON
Display coordinates .... WUGGLES
Double damage power-up .... SCHURULZ
Double damage power-up .... SCHURULZ
Electric ray gun .... VOLTFEST
First two cities .... GINGERR
Flame thrower .... FLAMEON
Free shopping .... EATSOUP
Get Out Of Jail Free card .... JAILBAIT
God mode .... YAKUZADEATH
God mode .... LIVELONG
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Cannot be arrested or killed .... RSJABBER
Hamster runs across screen .... MEATMAN
Increased brutality .... BEEFCAKE
Invisibility .... HUNSRUS
Keep weapons after arrest .... ARSESTAR
Level select .... ITSALLUP
Maximum wanted level .... DESIRES
More gore .... GOREFEST
Naked people .... NEKKID
No exploding scores .... COCKTART
No police .... LOSEFEDS
No police .... ELVIS IS HERE
People more aggressive .... BUCKFAST
Respect from three gangs .... MADEMAN
Small cars .... FISHFLAP

Leave one of the cars listed below at the dump to receive the power-up you require.

Car .... Power-Up
Aniston BD4 .... Jail Free Card
Beamer .... Flame Thrower
Big Bug .... Machine Gun
B-Type .... Invulnerability
Bug .... Machine Gun
Dementia .... Invisibility
Miara .... Rocket Launcher
Michelli Roadster .... Machine Gun
Minx .... ElectroFingers
Police Car .... Cop Bribe
Romero .... Armor
Schmidt .... Health
Shark .... Molotov Cocktails
Taxi .... Double Damage
U-Jerk Truck .... Machine Gun
Z-Type .... Silenced Machine Gun

How to unlock a bonus level:
Collect all the GTA 2 Shields and to play the 3.Special Level.

Method One:
Go to the territory of what ever gang you are working for and they will shoot them for you.
Method Two: If you only have one bouncy cop-head on the top of the screen and want to get rid of it, just hide somewhere. In a few minutes they will be gone.
Method Three: If you are being chased by the police and in a car, find a car painting place. Paint your car and the cops will stop chasing you.
Method Four: Regardless of how many cops heads are shown, this will get rid of them in the first level. Proceed to the church where the level begins. Walk to the tutorial phone and make sure that you activate the tutorial (and the man begins to speak to you). Immediately proceed to the west side of the building (left of the screen). Walk through the opening on the west side wall that leads up to the roof. The cop heads should be gone.

How to get easy money:
Get a high multiplier and get a tank. Use the tank to wreak havoc and do not get busted by the cops. The army will make this a lot harder on level 2 and 3. The tank will blow up by taking four powerful hits.
How to die while invincible: You can still die when invincible by being inside an exploding car. The other armed men can also blow up your vehicle. You can also die by jumping from a high location or by drowning.
Help finding the tanks: There is a tank in area 1. It is located in the area around the Crane/Crusher in Altamont. Enter the area and turn left. When you see a small alleyway next to the water, go down it to find a tank. Enter it and a kill frenzy will begin. After the timer runs out, you can use the tank for whatever you desire. Note: Do not exit the tank unless you have to -- you will not be able to get back into it. To get another tank in area 2, go to the garage across from the building with the staircase neary to where you found the first tank. Drive up until you reach one-way traffic, then back to two-way traffic. Starting at that red light, turn on the next street. Drive just briefly and the tank should be just off the road. To get to the tank you will have to get out of the car. Run on the beginning of the gray part on the side of the road. In area 2, there are two tanks. To get to the first one, go to the left from the beginning. Youu will be on a four lane highway. Go left on the road. Turn right on the first road to the car's right. You should be driving north (up) on a two lane road. When you get to the end of the road, turn right. You should immediately see a road to the car's left (north of you) running parallel to the road that you are on. Turn left on that road and you will be on a bridge. At the end of the bridge, you will see a tank in the alley to the car's right. To get to it, turn right on the first road and you will immediately see a large alley to the right. Follow the alley and to get to the tank. The second one is slightly more confusing to reach. As in the first tank, go to the left from the beginning and go left down the four lane road. Then, turn left on the third road, then turn right on the first road, then left on the first road. If you are on the correct street, you will be driving south and end up on a large ramp. Go on the ramp and you will fly into another ramp. Turn onto the second road to your left. That road turns left. Where it does, you will see a tank on the roof of a building. Keep going down the same street and turn on the first road to your left. When you reach an intersection, you will see a set of stairs leading to the roof. Go down into narrow passageway and follow the rooftops to get to the tank. To get a tank in area 3, go to the Zaibatsu Power Core. As you drive along the street, look at the top of the screen. You should just about see a tank through the metal grid at the top. The entrance may be at the top of the compound but is very hard to get to. As you start on area 3, go to the first main road one screen left of your starting position. You are now in Tedium. Follow that road north until you reach Mad Island. Rednecks from the second island will be shooting at you constantly. Follow the road around to the left until you can no longer go north. There is a path that leads to the tank. You will have to make some building jumps and kill more rednecks to get over there. Once you do so, you can just drive the tank up over the ramp it is next to.

There is a cool gang, weird gang, and Zaibatsu gang in all three levels:

Level ....Cool Gang .... Weird Gang .... Zaibatsu
One .... Yakuza .... Loonies .... Zaibatsu
Two .... SRS .... Rednecks .... Zaibatsu
Three .... Russians .... Krishnas .... Zaibatsu

The warped graphics game glitch:
Begin game play, then press Alt + Tab to minimize the game. Restore it, and the graphics will be seriously warped.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Kreator(UK), Kellsler Massive, Big H, AJ, Matthew Hybris and many other with the same/similar info - Thank you.

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